A. General

  1. These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the services that are offered by hashtagrecyclers. Anybody who subscribes to the services of hashtagrecyclers is acknowledged to have read and agreed to comply with all the Terms and Conditions of hashtagrecyclers.
  2. hashtagrecyclers may invalidate any user’s account at any time, with or without a notice, for conduct that is in violation to the Terms and Conditions of hashtagrecyclers and that hashtagrecyclers deems as damaging to its business, or where the use of the service is damaging to any other party.
  3. hashtagrecyclers may, in our sole discretion, amend or alter Terms and Conditions of hashtagrecyclers at any time, with or without a notice. Such amendments or alterations would be valid for all users with immediate effect.

B. Registration

  1. Users are obliged to register themselves with hashtagrecyclersin order to make use of our services. They must register by providing factual information and using their real name. With one Email address, users can only use one account. Using another user’s account or conceding someone to use their account is discouraged. Users are solely liable for blocking any unapproved use of their account.
  2. In case of stolen ID or account being used without permission, users must notify hashtagrecyclers of the issues.
  3. Users are also urged to holding a complicated and strong password to keep their account secure.

C. Platform And Services

  1. Users can order any service that hashtagrecyclers offers through their registered account. Users are required to provide an exact description of their requirements. Users are assumed to provide relevant and appropriate variables and information.
  2. hashtagrecyclers gives subscribed users complete access to view the information and elements available on the website. The information and elements may be an intellectual asset of hashtagrecyclers and/or third parties. Therefore, users must not generate or utilize such information in any practice that may violate the copyright, logo, business code or another right of other parties.
  3. Users are obliged to avoid prejudicial, abusive, lewd, threatening, insulting, sexually degrading or undesirable conduct when using the services of hashtagrecyclers. hashtagrecyclers may, in our sole discretion, cease user accounts and remove content we deem infringing with the Terms and Conditions of hashtagrecyclers.

D. Delivery Of Services

  1. hashtagrecyclers delivers all of our services through email. Users are obliged to review the delivered service content to evaluate its quality. Upon delivery, users will have a timeframe of up to 72 working hours to request or demand a revision by presenting a precise reason what hashtagrecyclers failed to address. It’s necessary to know that once the content has been commissioned for editing, hashtagrecyclers will only edit or revise the content twice.
  2. Once the timeframe of 72 working hours has been crossed, hashtagrecyclers is not subject to carry out a revision of any sort.

E. Payment And Invoice

  1. Customer ordering for any of the available services of the website should pay for the services in advance by the payment method provided by the hashtagrecyclers. The customer will receive a receipt of the transactions in which the customers is involved.
  2. All hashtagrecyclers payments are rated and charged in US Dollars. If users select a different currency for billing, they will be imposed that currency equivalent of the US Dollars total.
  3. hashtagrecyclers uses an automated payment processing system and only accepts PayPal payments.
  4. Invoices for all hashtagrecyclers services are mailed to the email address registered and can also be found in Order Details in hashtagrecyclers account.
  5. Users must notify hashtagrecyclers of any payment query and dispute within 14 working days. Failure to do so will be considered as an assertion that the billing and charges are correct.
  6. All the payments made to hashtagrecyclers for purchasing services are non- refundable.

F. Prohibited Conduct

The following is a non-exclusive list of conduct banned by hashtagrecyclers:

  1. Conduct that includes or carries links to: nudity, pornography, adult content, elements with sex or lewd language.
  2. Conduct that is crudely insulting to the community, including obtrusive expressions for intolerance, discrimination, prejudice, hostility or excessive obscenity, or to post any offensive, foul, unreasonably destructive, despoiling, or otherwise undesirable material.
  3. Conduct that abuses children less than 18 years of age.
  4. Conduct that markets or sells any products or services that are forbidden.
  5. Conduct that violates or disrupts any copyright, license, brand, service label, business title, trade code, or other intellectual property rights of any third party.
  6. Conduct that exposes or reveals any individually distinguishing data or hidden information about any third parties without their specific consent.

G. Privacy

hashtagrecyclers Privacy Policy sets out our own responsibilities with regard to the protection, acquisition and management of user’s private information. User information will not be revealed or traded to any third parties. Here’s what hashtagrecyclers Privacy Policy is all about

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