Malik Law

A Law Firm reached out to our us to build its reputation and improve its brand awareness on social media. 90 Days into the Instagram marketing campaign, we generated the following results:

  • 245%

    Account Reach Increased

  • 94.6%

    Account Engagement Increased

  • 286%

    Total Followers Increased

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The Kirlew Law Firm

This client had a social media presence but were not seeing the desired results, and they needed help in developing an effective social media strategy. To increase engagement, we developed a social media calendar that included a mix of original and curated content. We created eye-catching graphics, and videos to capture the attention of their audience and make their content more shareable. It been 60 days, we generated the following results:

  • 197.1%

    Reach Increment

  • 77.2%

    Profile Visit

  • 17.9%

    New followers Increment

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Titan Law Firm

Titan Law Firm, a reputable personal injury law firm, recognized the potential of leveraging social media to connect with potential clients and establish trust within the legal field. Despite their legal expertise, they faced challenges in creating a strong online presence and engaging with their target audience. They sought a comprehensive social media management campaign to bolster their digital footprint and attract clients seeking legal representation for personal injury cases.

  • 65.9%

    Account Reach Increased

  • 131%

    Account engagement

  • 197%

    Content interactions

  • 40.3%

    Profile activity

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